G.A. Garden Services



These Photograph's Illustrate a Snap Shot of how a Garden can be Transformed


               BEFORE                                AFTER




                        Croft Walling and Natural Sandstone Slabs




                        Creating a Patio and Lawns from this Tired Old Garden 



                       A Decking Area was Recessed into the Retaining Wall




Old Lawns & Decking were Replaced with new Lawns and Random Slabs




A Sunny Spot was the Choice for a Decking Platform Outside the Patio Doors




A Tired Rear Garden was Replaced with Calder Brown Slabs and Quartz Gravel



                                                                This Garden is given a Complete Makeover with Decking, Random Slabs,

                                   Lawns and Raised Flower Beds  






                                       Copyright    1999 Peter Obrzud - All Rights Reserved by G.A. Garden Services